Sierra Stream and Mountain


Fly Tying Classes
Sierra Stream Fly Shop's Fly Tying Classes are set up for not only the beginner, but also the intermediate to expert fly tyers. Learn the basics to spinning deer hair or tying tube flies. All fly tying classes are based on each individuals needs and are administrated in a one on one environment.
Class: $25.00 Per Hour

Casting Lessons
Fly casting lessons are based and the individuals needs. From the most basic fly cast mechanics to double hauling, single-handed rod to tackling the large spey and switch rods we have you covered. We have the instructors to teach you the proper mechanics to you get you started or to add to your arsenal.
Class: $30.00 Per Hour
All Classes are by appointment only. Please call the shop and set your next class.

Guided Trips / Fly Fishing Schools
Here at Sierra Stream Fly Shop we have assembled a great group of knowledgeable and friendly guides to guide you on some of the most premier waters in California. From drifting the lower Sacramento River to casting to slurping trout on the mountain lakes, we have you covered. We also have some of the best schools offered to anglers who wish to learn proper fly-fishing skills. From our steelhead schools to our Stillwater schools, these classes will greatly accelerate your learning level and give you the skills and mechanics to succeed on the water. For more information, please go to our guide page.